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Commercial Finance USA

2415 San Ramon Valley Bl. Ste 4179
San Ramon, CA 94853
Phone 19258377752

Samuel F. Pierce, President

9260 Alcosta Boulevard Suite B-10
San Ramon Ca 94583

November 3, 2017

Mr. Sam Pierce
Commercial Finance USA
2415 San Ramon Valley Blvd. #4179
San Ramon CA 94583

Dear Sam,
I want to thank you very much for the excellent work you and your company have done for my clients over the past several years. I want to compliment you especially for the ability to fund the very large construction loan for the group of medical professionals that I represent. When I approached you with the request for funding for them I was not confident that this could be done, but you never seemed to share that concern and of course you were correct, when you got the loan funded quickly and on very favorable terms to the clients.

I also appreciated your efficient work on the first loan you did for a client of mine, Mr. Soriano, several years ago. As you may recall, he had a limited time to take advantage of an excellent investment opportunity and the financing you did for him moved quickly and allowed him to capture that opportunity.

We look forward to doing business together in the future, including the large development we are now discussing in the Middle East.

Yours truly,
Charmaine Kennedy, JD

CalStar Assembly of God
2970 Moorpark Avenue
San Jose CA 95128

February 15, 2016

Mr. Samuel Pierce, President
Commercial Finance USA
2415 San Ramon Valley Boulevard Suite 4179
San Ramon CA 94583

Dear Mr. Pierce,
I wish to express my deep gratitude and that of my parishioners for the loan that you were recently able to provide for our church. We realize that this loan was not very easy to get approved for us. We also know that it is smaller than the amounts that you usually provide, but we also appreciate that you were able to make an exception for us.

This loan will aid the church greatly in our work carrying the word of God and will help in our mission to help the underprivileged and the elderly.

God bless you and we hope that you will come to see us any time you are in San Jose.

With deep gratitude,
Abraham M. Ishihara, Pastor

North American Van Lines of the Carolinas
Raleigh/Durham   •   Greensboro   •   Wilmington Charlotte, NC     –     Columbia, SC

1900 North Pointe Drive
Durham, NC 27705

January 27, 2011

Mr. Sam Pierce
Commercial Finance USA
2415 San Ramon Valley Blvd. Suite 4179
San Ramon CA 94583

Dear Sam:
I want to thank you very much for the commercial loan that your company recently closed for my company on our buildings. I know that it was probably not the easiest loan you have ever been asked to do and that I was not always available to respond to your requests for documents, but you and your company handled it very professionally and got the job done very well for us, relieving us of the pressures that you are aware of.

Thanks again and we will think of you first when we need a commercial loan in the future.

Robert M. Long, President

May 10, 2018

Mr. Sam Pierce

Dear Sam,
I want to express my sincere gratitude and admiration for the many years of unselfish devotion you have shown to men trying to change their lives through your volunteer mentoring at the Salvation Army. Your presence week after week has helped dozens of men turn their lives around and has been an inspiration not only to me but the entire staff at the OARC.

In addition, you have made more invaluable contributions to the success of the SA mission by being an enthusiastic member of the Advisory Council of Northern California. Your expertise with the matters surrounding the commercial property that the SA owns in the Bay Area has been greatly appreciated. Having just retired from my career there and moving away, I will miss your spirit and good humor, as well as your drive to make the world better.

I will give you our address when we are settled in our new home. Until that time I wish you all the best that God has to offer.

Timothy Rockey, Captain, Salvation Army (Ret.)

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